Graham Little

Graham Little
Cambrian Paramedic (PARA) Program, AEMCA, CrossFit Level 1
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Growing up I competed in hockey, soccer and football. After leaving high school I struggled finding something that gave me the same sense of competition. I first began CrossFit in 2011 as a way to train for triathlons.  Soon,  CrossFit  became my passion.

I was able to witness how CrossFit could transform lives with its scalability.  Varsity athletes worked alongside those who were pre-diabetic — each celebrating each other’s personal bests and cheering each other on.

When I accepted a job in Corner Brook the first thing that I did was check to see if there was an established CrossFit gym. Failing to find one I began scouring the classifieds searching for a garage of some sort to rent where I could store my equipment. This is where I met Matt and the idea to open our own gym began to take life. After a year of hard work and picking up Jason along the way, I’m proud to say that Corner Brook has their very own box.